Solution Architect – Job Description. 

Alef is looking for talented Solution Architect to join our team. We are looking for highly motivated and driven individuals who will:

  • Work  with  BD  /  sales  teams  as  BD  solution  architect  for  Alef  products  and   services
  • Responsible  for  developing  robust  solution  architecture  for  Alef  product   deployment  for  OTT  and  app  providers  (customers),  working  closely  with   customer’s  Engineering,  Information  technology  and  Product  teams
  • Be  the  bridge  between  customer  and  software  development  team
  • Work  with  Alef  product  teams  for  defining  product  roadmaps,  market   requirements  definition,  architectural  and  technical  development   specifications,  align  OTT  software  development  with  overall  Alef  architecture
  • Work  with  Operator  BD  teams  to  help  joint  solutioning,  enable  collaborative   meetings  between  mobile  network  providers  and  customers

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