About Alef Mobitech Inc.

Alef Mobitech provides value-added services at the edge of the mobile network. Mobile edge computing allows us to physically locate products and services closer to users. Alef makes your network faster and more responsive. New and existing networks benefit from our edge architecture. We provide market differentiation and new revenue opportunities to mobile carriers and developers. We are live today. No more theory, it works.

Origins & Ability

Alef Mobitech, launched in 2013, is a Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) products and services provider. Alef is transforming the Mobile Internet through its MEC platform.
Key Alef characteristics:

  • Offers a first-of-its-kind MEC Platform that allows applications and network services to work in tandem.
  • Utilizes optimized mobility at the Radio Edge to provide a richer, more responsive and relevant delivery of multi-media applications.
  • Simplifies distribution and delivery across multiple markets. Through key partnerships, these applications will benefit from a speedier and richer mobile internet experience.
  • Reduces complexity and enhances speed to market via a Managed Service offering.
  • Creates a more immersive, interactive, and intelligent Mobile Internet.

… leading to enormous market potential!

To learn more, download the About Alef Brochure.

About Alef Brochure

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